When considering a new home, buyers are often most concerned with how well a house’s style and durability will hold up for the long run. Given its history with ease of staining and difficulty to maintain, carpet is probably the last flooring choice that comes to mind.

However, modern carpet offers more style options and performance features than at any other point in its history – making it one of the most valuable flooring choices. Here, we’ll explore how modern carpet can help improve your home’s value.

Important Considerations

There are many considerations when improving home value. Here are a few that apply to carpet:

  • R-value – A room’s r-value is a measure of its insulation rating. The higher the number, the lower it will cost to maintain a comfortable temperature.
  • Comfort – People tend to take their shoes off at home, and carpet is both softer and warmer to walk on.
  • Indoor Air Quality – Carpet has earned a reputation for flaring allergy and asthma symptoms. However, newer carpet selections can actually help filter your home’s air.

The Right Cushion

Your carpet’s cushion impacts both comfort and insulation. It can also help improve the lifetime of your carpet (and, for that reason, is often required to maintain warranties). There are many types of padding, each offering their own advantages. But for the sake of home value, we recommend one of the following carpet cushions:

  • Rebond Padding: Due to its affordability and ease of installation, rebond is the most common carpet cushion used in homes. However, it’s a bit outdated and won’t improve your home’s value as much as the others listed here.
  • Foam Urethane Padding: The cheapest option in terms of both cost and quality. In fact, some carpet stores will advertise free padding with installation simply because they want to get rid of their foam padding. This may actually harm your home’s value.
  • Memory Foam: Arguably the most comfortable cushion, memory foam can also help improve your room’s r-value.

Waterproof Flooring

It’s essentially impossible to sell a house without prospective buyers asking about mold. Traditionally, carpet is known to help promote mold growth. Why? Because once spills soak through the subfloor, it’s nearly impossible to remove – and soaked wood in a dark area creates the perfect breeding grounds for mold.

However, many modern lines of carpet are now waterproof. This includes both the fiber, where moisture and stains are repelled, and the backing itself, where spills remain above the surface rather than soaking through. So, one of the most common concerns when purchasing a new home has already been eliminated.

Look for features like LifeGuard® Waterproof Backing and R2X® Stain & Soil Resistance for carpet that is completely waterproof.

Carpet Style

While we tend to think of carpet as a color that spreads flatly across the room, modern carpet is adding character and shaking up our preconceived notions. Here are a few design elements trending with carpet:


One of the top trending design elements in interior designs is carpet patterns. Patterns can be subtle or bold, and many carpet lines are using them to build on another trend: texture.


Sprightly textured carpet

Carpet isn’t as flat as most of us remember. Textures that you can feel offer more design options.


Carpet colors are bolder than ever. Gone are the days where we had to design our room around the foundation of an off-white tone. Bold and even multi-colored carpet selections are taking center stage and offer potential buyers more options to envision their dream home. Our Color Destination offers a look at a few trending selections.

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There’s so much more to modern carpet than most of us realize. To learn more, visit Klamath Falls’ premier flooring experts at Cardinal Flooring today!