Throughout 2018, we’ve seen a unique trend emerge among floor styles. Although patterns have certainly been around a while, we are seeing more designs and possibilities in modern flooring than ever before. The trend seems universal among all types, such as carpet and hardwood. However, it’s especially true for vinyl and tile. Here’s a quick look at some of the leading trends among patterns.

Carpet Flooring Patterns

Gifted carpet room scene

There’s more to carpet than solid colors stretching the length of your room. Carpet is available in a variety of patterns featuring both classic and contemporary styles.

Geometric patterns are especially popular for carpet. Traditional geometric shapes, such as those on our Momentum line, have proven timeless in 2018. Yet more modern pattern selections, including Lionheart and Gifted, are also making waves.

Tile & Stone Flooring Patterns


As we mentioned, the trend is particularly popular for tile & stone. This may be related to the overall increase in the popularity of tile & stone, as we’re now seeing it expand beyond the kitchen and bathroom. Even so, these tile patterns include styles paying homage to vintage, modern and especially natural influences.

Our Gleam Mosaic pays homage to modern and intricate styles, while Stanza builds on the natural beauty of stone.

Herringbone Pattern


The Herringbone Pattern has been around for a while, but we’re seeing it used in new and stunning ways with all types of hard surface flooring – so, it’s no surprise that it’s trending once again. It’s a particularly popular choice among LVT flooring, which itself has been gaining popularity. Even better, it’s also available in a variety of colors.

You can find it available in several tones and colors with our Abstraction Wood flooring line.

Mixed Geometric Colors and Sizes


Who says patterns have to be completely uniform? You may be surprised by the styles achieved after mixing things up a bit. And with tile & stone (or luxury vinyl tile designed to resemble stone), we’re seeing that colors don’t always have to prove uniform either. Just take a look at Orchestration Stone or Abstraction Stone as an example: it offers a beautiful, rustic aesthetic with each tile representing its own color pattern (while still matching the overall color scheme).Tip: while we’re seeing varying sizes trend, it’s still best to avoid differing shapes (such as circles with rectangles) in a tile arrangement (unless one shape is embedded in another).

Discovering the Latest Floor Fashions and Trends

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