Hardwood flooring is a timeless classic. But while its aesthetic fits Klamath Falls perfectly, our environment can prove a little more hostile. It’s also one of the more expensive options.

Fortunately, luxury vinyl flooring can help overcome these challenges. Yes, there was a time when vinyl floors were regarded as cheap, flimsy. But modern LVT and LVP continue to outperform other hard surface options in nearly every metric – including price. We’ll take a quick look at why here.

Moisture Resistance

Wood naturally absorbs moisture. Unfortunately, this holds true for solid hardwood panels even after they’ve been treated. Luxury vinyl floors naturally resist absorption and, in many cases, are completely waterproof. In fact, LVT and LVP offer more waterproof flooring selections than any other hard surface option.


To hold up against frequent foot traffic, hardwood floors must be treated with a polyurethane coating. To maintain its durability, this coating must be reapplied regularly.

Additionally, hardwood panels naturally expand and contract with changing seasonal temperatures. Eventually, these subtle changes can lead hardwood panels to warp, buckle and even crack.

Luxury vinyl floors offer exceptional resistance to scuffs and scratches. They are also naturally resistant to changes in your home’s climate. Most LVT and LVP floors also feature a wear layer for added durability and scratch resistance.


You might be thinking “This is great and all, but I still prefer the look of hardwood flooring”. This is actually part of the reason that luxury vinyl floors have become so popular; they can perfectly match the look and texture of authentic wood floors. Even better, LVP offers more color options than traditional hardwood.

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