One of the most tedious steps to installing new floors occurs before the new tiles even enter your home. Tearing out the old floor, finding some way to dispose it, and prepping the subfloor is a project in itself. But what if this half of the process could be removed entirely?

Many modern floor installation methods actually allow your new flooring to be installed directly over the existing floor. The benefits are both short and long term:

Short-term benefits: Half of the work (and often, expense) is already done.

Long-term benefits: A room’s floor directly affects its R-value (an insulation rating). So, thicker floors mean a more energy-efficient home.

Here, we’ll explore 3 installation methods that make the process of existing over existing floors easy and affordable.

Luxury Vinyl: Uniclic MultiFit Installation

One of the simplest – and cleanest – installation methods is Uniclic MultiFit. This glueless procedure easily fits rooms of all shapes and sizes. It can also be installed over hardwood and noncushioned vinyl flooring with ease.

CORETEC Glueless Installation

Like Uniclic, COREtec’s glueless installation method is also easy and leaves no mess behind. However, it offers another benefit: no acclimation period is needed. This is almost unheard of among hardsurface flooring, as planks and tiles typically need time to settle as they expand and contract with temperature changes. It’s also designed to prevent spills from seeping into the subfloor. Given its versatility, COREtec’s glueless installation is suitable for at, above or below grade rooms.

Looking Ahead: Airo Carpet

Whether or not carpet can install over other flooring (or be installed over) is really a case-by-case basis. However, a new take on carpet is set to disrupt this hindrance: Airo. Offering an entirely new take on carpet, Airo promises to set a new standard for soft surface flooring. It’s a Mohawk Flooring innovation that makes installation essentially as easy as it can get. Basically, the installer is just there to guide it along (no expertise necessary). Airo will expand and fall into place, avoiding wrinkles along the way.

While Airo carpet is exclusively a Mohawk product, we expect to see competitive lines of similar flooring released by other manufacturers in the near future. And yes, we are confident that it will catch on, given not only its ease of installation, but also stain resistance and hypoallergenic properties. For now, keep an eye out for what the market offers in the near future.

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As we’ve seen, modern floors are easy to install over existing flooring. However, there are always exceptions, and some flooring may fit a unique situation better. Fortunately, you’ll find the leading flooring experts at Klamath Falls ready to help you make an informed choice at Cardinal Flooring. Stop by and browse the many styles and selections today!