This isn’t just the start of a new year, but a new decade. This year’s trends will set the foundation for interior design for the latest iteration of the 20s. We have more flooring options than ever, but a timeless classic is still proving popular: carpet.

Although carpet floors have been around for decades, newer styles, design options, and engineering methods have made it more stylish than ever. Here, we’ll quickly discuss some of the top carpet trends for 2020.

Shapes and Patterns

Let’s be honest: carpet hasn’t always done much to add character to a room. It served as an even color that set the foundation for the room’s decor, but it didn’t offer much else. Modern carpet styles are changing this.

Geometric Shapes

From classics (like circles and squares) to edgy (, geometric shapes are more common in carpet floors than ever – and more popular than ever. As with hard surface options, carpet floors can use single lines or smaller geometric shapes to build larger ones, thus adding a dynamic layer to the floor’s design.

Floral Patterns

Floral aesthetics have always been popular in some sense or another. Now, they’ve made their way to carpet flooring. Neutral tones are specially popular, with gray and greige topping the list.

Artisan Patterns

Effervescent antimicrobial artisan patterned carpet

It’s hard to beat the artisan touch, and with carpet patterns gaining traction, it was only a matter of time before the two came together. Earth tones arranged in subtle patterns and neutral colors serve as the foundation for the artisan look. Patterns that are both uniform and slightly uneven help finish the touch.

Bold Colors

If patterns aren’t your style, bold carpet colors are also gaining popularity in 2020. Traditionally, interior designers have stuck with “safe” neutral colors when selecting carpet. Light shades of blue and even green are proving especially popular. Just remember, the boldest of colors are best left for area rugs or smaller spaces.

Waterproof Fibers

Gunner waterproof and pet friendly patterned carpet in a living room

In 2020, carpet trends are about more than just aesthetic appeal. Historically, one of carpet’s shortfalls has been its lack of stain and water resistance. A simple spill usually meant stopping whatever you were doing to soak away the spill before it could cause a stain or seep to the subfloor.

Carpet manufacturers are now offering more options that are completely waterproof. This begins with its backing, such as the LifeGuard® Waterproof Backing, which keeps spills above the surface rather than allowing them to soak through. As an added benefit, LifeGuard® also provides odor resistance.

As for the fibers themselves, newer treatments (such as R2X) are designed to surround individual fibers, offering a complete barrier from absorption. Spills never actually soak into the fibers, they just fall between them. This, combined with waterproof backing, allows carpet to be completely waterproof and much easier to clean.

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